Pharm-tec prolonged release tablets utilize a brand new developed
triple acetate modified delivery system for enhanced drug-like
delivery of the anabolic compound into the body. The current
methods of drug delivery exhibit specific problems, for
examptermany drugs' potency and therapeutic effects are limited or
otherwise reduced because of the partial degradation that occurs
before they reach a desired target in the body.

The goal of all sophisticated drug delivery systems, therefore, is to
deploy the medication intact to specifically targeted parts of the
body through a medium that can control the therapy's
administration by means of either a physiological or chemical
trigger. To achieve this goal, researchers are turning to advances in
the worlds of micro- and nanotechnology.

During the past decade, polymeric microspheres, polymer micelles,
and hydrogel-type materials have all been shown to be effective in
enhancing drug targeting specificity, lowering systemic drug toxicity,
improving treatment absorption rates, and providing protection for
Pharmaceuticals against biochemical degradation.

Pharm-tec prolonged release tablets are designed to bypass liver
and gastric degradation to remain intact until the active
pharmaceutical ingredient (API) reaches the cell signaling receptors.

Once ingested, this time-release formula delivers treatment
continuously, rather than providing relief of symptoms, protection
from adverse events or increase in strength and muscle solely when

Prolonged release tablet (PRT) vs Regular tablet

Prolonged release tablet (PRT)

By incorporating the dose of 24 hours into 1 prolonged release tablet
from which the drug is slowly released, peaks of high plasma
concentration and troughs of low plasma concentration can be
prevented. This helps avoid the side effects associated with high
concentrations and the lack of activity associated with low
concentrations-giving better overall performance.

PRT increases the lag time before the active ingredient in the pill
appears in the blood but did not alter the bioavailability of the active
ingredient compared to the equivalent dose of the nregular tablet.

Regular tablet

Regular tablet dissolves in the stomach and that can cause irritation of
the stomach. Appart from that, there is very high peak of high plasma
concentration in the first 3 hours after the intake and very low plasma
concentration in the rest of the period. Some side effects associated
with high concentrations can occur.